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Todd Arnoldussen

My name is Todd Arnoldussen. Two and a half years ago I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. It took me two years to lose 55 LBS. For the last 6 months I have been maintaining my weight and I feel great. Ghost Town had the environment and the equipment for me to work on my goal of losing weight. Clay was always there for a tip or two when I would hit certain weight plateaus on my weight loss goal. Ghost Town is such a non-threatening place to work out and the fitness staff is extremely friendly. Thanks for a wonderful place to work out.

Dan and Kathy

People are always asking us how we did it. How did we lose 150 combined pounds? Ghost Town Fitness has made a huge difference in our lives. Both Dan and I have tried throughout the years to get fit on our own. We’ve tried other health clubs as well as at home video workouts and fitness equipment, but nothing really worked for us until we joined Ghost Town Fitness.

In January 2010, Dan became involved in a fitness challenge through the Green Bay Chamber of Commerce. This included a fitness assessment and a four month free membership at Western Racquet and Fitness. We both discussed that we needed to get healthy, lose weight, and change our lifestyle habits. At 285 and 189 lbs. respectively, we were quickly headed towards a lifetime of bad health and medication to control diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease which runs in both of our families.

We began to change how we were eating by cutting processed carbohydrates out of our diet, switching to low or non-fat dairy products and low sugar foods, and increasing our daily intake of fiber, protein, and fruits and vegetables. These were all easy changes. Then the hard work started. Dan began to exercise daily, using the free membership he was offered through his fitness challenge, but he realized that he didn’t like this club, so on the advice of a Ghost Town member he tried a free weeks membership at Ghost Town. He immediately noticed the differences. The staff at Ghost Town were all very friendly and encouraging, the classes weren’t intimidating, and he felt like he fit in. He joined Ghost Town in January 2010.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t quite ready to commit myself to a daily exercise routine. Some of my excuses were valid, and others weren’t. But as I watched, the pounds began to melt off of Dan. He took three Group Power classes per week, and soon he felt he was ready to tackle a spin class. It was “love” at first try.

As the spring wore on, I started to tell myself, “If he can get up at 4:00 am every day, maybe I should give it a try.” So, I joined Ghost Town in late May 2010. I stared out slowly. I loved using the cardio room especially the elliptical machines. Soon I decided to add to my routine. My first Group Power class was on a Wednesday, and by Saturday, I felt like I couldn’t even move. But I stuck with it and continued to alternate power and cardio, five days a week.

By now, Dan was well on his way to a healthier weight, and he began to ride his bike every Saturday and Sunday morning. Not wanting to miss out, I got out on my bike too. I had a hard time keeping up, but after I finished my first 20 mile ride, I was hooked. Soon I was spinning on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Over the course of the last year and a half, we have kept up our weekly routine of Group Power and spin. During the winter months we added Group Fight on Saturday mornings. We really enjoy working out together. We do get a little bit competitive with each other at times, but it is all in good fun. We like the fact that we can talk with each other about what is working or not working for us. It’s really great to have a workout partner who offers support and encouragement. When I am having a not so great weight week (which I seem to have more often than Dan does), he reminds me that I know what I have to do to change things. And I do! Losing weight and getting healthier has given us both so much confidence.

Thanks Clay, Tammy, Michele, and all of the other instructors and staff at Ghost Town Fitness. You have helped us change our lives for the better!

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